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We’ve helped thousands of taxpayers around the globe in close to 80 countries. It takes an in-credible leadership and great systems to make this happen.

Managing Partner, Anthony E. Parent Aside from his managing partner duties, Anthony is a best-selling author of “IRS Confidential,” and hosts the IRSMedic podcast which has over one million views. His strength is always going beyond the superficial story presented, along with being able to explain complicated tax concepts. He is often invited as a guest speaker and has been featured on national and international media.

Senior Partner, David G Parent Not quite officially retired, David enjoys sharing his insights from 45 years of experience on both sides - first as a government bureaucrat, and then later as a tax attorney. A man who truly has seen it all, he brings an optimism and strong analytical skills, encouraging our team members to try their best to be their best.

Lead International Attorney, Robert V. Hanson Incredibly learned, Robert brings a huge depth of knowledge. He excels at explaining esoteric, yet quite consequential, topics to clients, and providing them with forceful advocacy.

Lead Resolution Attorney, Robert D. Lyon With a fastidious eye for detail, it is difficult to get Bob off-task. A prolific writer, his communications with his staff, clients, and the IRS and other taxing agencies are powerful and concise.

Supervisory Attorney, Sean O’Connor Sean’s ability to assess problems, offer proposed solu-tions and decide which is best is simply amazing. He is a lightning fast researcher. His calm demeanor with other tax professionals, clients and the IRS translates into an incredibly authori-tative voice.

Tax Department Supervisor Lisa Zhai Lisa offers strong guidance and stability to our tax preparation and compliance division. Her technical skills are unparalleled, and she excels at asking the right questions. Lisa, along with some of our other team members, is native-Mandarin speaking, which has served our growing business in Asia well.

Client Reviews
Thank you so much for all your help in dealing with our Streamlined Disclosure submission - your expert guidance and friendly approach were invaluable in getting us through the complicated processes. CK
You are the only tax professionals I’ve dealt with who have real knowledge about these off-shore issues. I can’t thank you enough. AD
Gratitude and appreciation are the words that come to mind when I consider the law firm that you have built, and the community that you have created, to protect the people, your clients. LB