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Client Reviews

Thank you so much for all your help in dealing with our Streamlined Disclosure submission - your expert guidance and friendly approach were invaluable in getting us through the complicated processes. We will always be indebted to Parent and Parent for resolving our tax situation. We would also be very grateful if Parent and Parent could put together our 2018 tax return. Due to the recent changes in the tax cod, and the fact hat we still have both US and UK income to re-port, it will be a get comfort to be able to rely on your expertise to put together an accurate re-turn. Once again - thanks for everything!

- CK

As you start your holiday I want to send a letter of thanks for your work. I don’t have to tell you how stressful the endeavor can be for your clients at times. You should know that it is a great relief to me to sleep more soundly wit the confidence I made the right decision seeking your advice. Enjoy the holiday and best wishes,

- LS

“You are the only tax professionals I’ve dealt with who have real knowledge about these off-shore issues. I can’t thank you enough.”

- AD

“Gratitude and appreciation are the words that come to mind when I consider the law firm that you have built, and the community that you have created, to protect the people, your clients.”

- LB

“When my real estate developments in Costa Rica came under attack by the IRS, I called my friends in the US government. They recommend that I hire you. I can see why. You were able to fix my complicated mess that two previous CPAs and one prior attorney could not solve. The four words I would describe Parent & Parent LLP - thorough, creative, ethical, and understanding.

- JA

“It feels embarrassing to write this as I still can’t believe how low I sunk, how lost I was. But I must share my story because I am sure there are people just like me who “had it all” who find themselves in desperate situations. With everything going wrong, and with the news reports and prior attorneys scared me so badly, as you know, I was standing in my garage, looking at joist with a broken power cord in my hand, thinking my family would be better off without me. It embarrasses me greatly. But I got to own up to it. I was standing there with a decision to make. I was going to either end this all or I was going to give a call to Parent & Parent. I thought of your YouTube videos and thought that there’s no way you could be faking all of this. You just had to be real. It’s only been 8 months since I hired you. Yet, I look back unable to recognize the person that was so close to making a tragic, stupid decision. It should not have taken contemplation of suicide to get me to call you, but I guess that’s what I needed. I am so glad I did. When my children are older I am going to tell them that the reason they’re talking to me is not just because of one parent. But Parent & Parent! I’ll never be able to thank you enough.”

- SR

“Thank you thank you, thank you! You saved my life. Great job!.”

- TT

“Thank you so very much for all your hard work on my case. Thank you very much. I have recommend Parent & Parent to all of my colleagues and will continue to do so. You have an amazing group of people there and I really appreciate every one of you.”

- FS, MD

“I always wondered how people get into tax trouble. I always thought they probably did some-thing to deserve it. File and pay. How hard can it be? That’s what I thought until the IRS happened to me. Looking to assess $190,000 in penalties for a company I don’t even know anything about. The truth is the IRS is well beyond anything Kafka or Orwell could imagine. I wish my CPA told me this was way above their abilities to handle, but I am glad they ultimately did refer your firm to me. Thanks for getting these penalties gone.”

- HG

“After decades of bad experiences with tax professionals, and worrying from the stress, today I feel a tremendous burden lifted form my shoulders. It is challenging for me to say enough good things about my experience with Parent & Parent. I’ looking forward to a life with the constant worry that has limited my choices for many many years. “

- JA